The Power Broker Guided Tour

If we’ve learned anything from the popularity of TV shows like Scandal®  and House of Cards®, it’s that the lives of America’s powerful elite are beyond fascinating. So when you visit their playground, Washington, DC, naturally you’ll want to see where they work and play. In true DC Insider Tours style, we’ve got the scoop on where the famous and the influential live, work, eat, and conspire. Watch your favorite dramas unfold around you as we take you through both the well-known and the hidden sites they are based on during The Power Broker™ tour.  Along the way, you may spot a recognizable face or two, so keep your eyes open!

We’ll start where the biggest power-plays and ploys begin, the United States Capitol. From there, we’ll maneuver through “The Hill” and the holes-in-the-wall that are frequented by bigwigs. Then we’ll take a break from the action and hit a quintessential DC restaurant where politicians and lobbyists are known to frequent for lunch. You can practice your eavesdropping skills to get the scoop on the favors they ask for and grant. Like playing dress-up for grown-ups, you’ll spend the whole day living large and pretending you’re in charge!

After lunch we visit the sites that always seem to make their way onto the big screen - The White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Watergate to name a few.  Of course, as we hop from one spot to the next, we will dish on DC’s juiciest scandals and gossip, including how Senators and Congressmen alike had their own personal bootlegger during Prohibition and how a cuckold U.S. Congressman was able to get away with murdering his wife’s lover in broad daylight right in front of the White House.  And no tour would be complete without discussing presidential and congressional infidelities like John F. Kennedy’s numerous frolics with women in the White House and other government buildings.

We wind down The Power Broker™ tour at a local watering hole reputed for its high-class and well-connected clientele. Hopefully, we will spot some bigwigs, but even if we don’t, we will drink like ones!  We can have the bartender create a cocktail that a president would have drunk, or you can sip a local DC beer or DC’s official cocktail, The Rickey.  Whatever you choose to whet your whistle, you going to need it after learning what it means to be a DC Power Broker.

Duration: Approximately 5 -7 hours

Cost: Contact us for a quote.

Posted on December 12, 2014 .